Welcome to Lokaal - 4 Day FlexPass Guests

Thanks for joining our little creative community here at Lokaal with your Flex Pass purchase which is good for any 4 days and valid for a period of one year from purchase. You must let us know in advance of each visit when you will be coming so that we can activate your door access app on your smartphone for that day. Simply email us at work@lokaal.space the day before and we’ll be sure to turn on you access. If it is really last minute notice, you can text +1-416-346-7944 or come up to the 3rd floor and ask for Kevin. We do not track partial days or hourly visits so by coming to the space you are using a full day credit. If you should decide to upgrade to a Hot Desk or Dedicated Desk plan in your first month of purchasing the FlexPass, we’ll credit the FlexPass payment to your second month of membership.

Note: Acceptance of the Terms & Conditions of the Lokaal Flex Pass Agreement is a prerequisite to using the space. Please read all the way to the bottom of this page.

To get you productive as quickly as possible, please take a moment to review the following instructions for tech set-up and general housekeeping. There are just a few things you need to know to get the most from your experience at Lokaal:

Door Access:

Lokaal uses an electronic door access control system called Isonas to manage access to the building and Lokaal space. Your smartphone is your access key (aka mobile credential).  Please download the Isonas Pure Mobile app from either the Google or Apple store by searching “Isonas Pure Mobile”. Once installed, tap on the menu (top right) and select “View device ID”.  Email that device ID to work@lokaal.space and we’ll get you set up for access pronto.

While the main building entrance is unlocked from 9am to 6pm weekdays (except for holidays), you will need your mobile credential to access the building at all other times. The 2nd floor entry door to Lokaal will always be locked except during events. Your FlexPass permits you access between 9am and 6pm weekdays only. Should you wish to use your pass to access on a weekend, please contact the Community Manager at work@lokaal.space to arrange. You must always use your mobile credential to access the space.  To use your mobile credential, you must enable Bluetooth on your smartphone. Launch the app and hold your phone close to a door access reader located on the door mullion. When the button says “Tap to Send”, tap the button and it will unlock the door for 3 seconds providing your membership plan allows access at that time.

Dedicated full-time desk and office members have 24/7 access. 

Hot Desk members have access 8am-6pm weekdays only unless you’ve purchased the 24/7 add-on.

Flex Day Pass members have access 9am – 6pm weekdays only.


These days to get any work done we need to be connected! Our wifi SSID is “Lokaalspace”, the password is “worklokaaL” (case sensitive). Please don’t share widely with others not in our space. Please note the password may change from time to time for security purposes so if the password is being rejected, please check back to this page to see if it has changed. You can also typically find the current password on a yellow sticky note stuck to the printer.


A Lokaal FlexPass includes up to 10 pages per day (40 pages total for the duration of your 4 day pass). CLICK HERE for instructions on setting up printer access.


There is no on-site parking available. Most of our members walk or cycle to work…that’s why we’re called “Lokaal” which is Dutch for “local”. If you do have to drive, street parking on Westmount or Northcliffe Ave is free after 10am or side streets further east are free after 7am. While there is a 3 hour limit, we’ve not heard of that being enforced in our area. There is also a GreenP lot south of St. Clair off Northcliffe, or north of St. Clair off Westmount, which also has an Enterprise Car Share vehicle. Our members get a discount so check out our Partners Page for details.

Lokaal Library

We have started a small collection of great business books for members to read. These books are an INTERNAL resource only and not to be removed from Lokaal. Relax on the couch and take a mental break from work to learn something new.

Working Lokaal

Enjoy like home… Lokaal does not have dedicated staff so, to keep our shared space somewhere we’re proud to work, we have a few simple rules:

  1. Feel like some coffee? Please do put on a pot or make just a cup or two based on how many people are in the space. The thermal carafe keeps the coffee hot and fresh for at least 3-4 hours after brewing. Instructions are posted in the cupboard above the machine but a good general rule is 1 heaping scoop of coffee for every 2 cups of water (brews med-strong). When you finish the pot, please rinse it and place filter grounds in the organics bin on the counter.

  2. Please clean up after yourself. While we do have weekly cleaners, we try to keep our space tidy on a day-to-day basis and expect everyone to look after tidying up after themselves and their guests. Cleaning supplies including cloths, sponges, broom and dustpan are available for light cleaning. If there is a bigger mess please don’t hesitate to let us know and we’ll call in reinforcements!

  3. Dry garbage should be placed in the kitchen drawer bin or any of the black trash bins located throughout the space. Any wet or smelly garbage should ALWAYS be placed in the kitchen bin. Organic food waste should be placed in the organics bin in the kitchen. Dry recycling can be placed in the blue bin near the printer or in the kitchen drawer recycling bin (dry or wet). Food waste should be scraped off into the organics bin. Disposable black plastic food containers are NOT recycable so please discard in the garbage or better yet, save the environment and reuse them!

  4. Dirty dishes, mugs and glasses should be placed in the dishwasher and NEVER left in the sink. No need to hand wash dishes unless you would like to reuse them immediately.

  5. Printer Supplies: if you notice we are getting low on paper or ink, please shoot a note to work@lokaal.space and we’ll look after it before a fellow member goes to print at midnight for a client deadline and runs out of ink or paper! #beentheredonethat

  6. TP… same rule as at home… Notice the toilet paper is almost done? Don’t see an extra roll in the stall? Be a sport and restock from the central supply under the washroom sink. If the supply under the sink is also getting low, be sure to let us know at work@lokaal.space.

  7. Phone calls… they’re part of everyone’s day and business. Please be mindful of your volume and duration when making and taking calls in the main space. We generally observe “Library Rules”. If on a call for more than a few minutes, please move to the phone booth, kitchen space or step outside. . The phone booth is not for camping out… please limit your use specifically for phone / video calls. If you will be more than 30 minutes, post a yellow sticky on the door a courtesy to others or better yet, it’s an open workspace so just let others know before you head in how long you will be so they can plan around it for their calls. If you find someone is not respecting this etiquette, please let us know and we can speak to that member. We all benefit from a respectful space.

  8. Meeting Room: Your FlexPass does not include use of the meeting room and must be booked with our Community Manager. Rate is $25/hr. once booked, your Door Access app should permit access to the meeting room.

  9. Guests… are always welcome but may not occupy a hot desk or dedicated desk chair. Feel free to book the meeting room or use the lounge as long as your conversations do not disturb other members. You may also purchase a day pass for your guest to join you at any open hot desk seat. Please email our Community Manager at work@lokaal.space or simply buy a 4 day flex pass online HERE.

  10. No Pets: While we love our dogs, cats and ferrets, not everyone does so Lokaal is a pet-free space. If you have a service dog (or service ferret), we respectfully request that you present a letter from your medical practitioner as confirmation.

PRIOR TO YOUR FIRST VISIT TO LOKAAL you must complete the section below:

I understand the above terms and conditions of using the workspace at Lokaal and that my Flex Pass may be revoked at the discretion of the Community Manager at any time if I am not respectful of my fellow Lokaal members.

Name *