Lokaal is a shared coworking space for creative entrepreneurs who want to belong to and work in a collaborative environment filled with other talented minds. We invite architects, landscape architects, interior designers, graphic designers, industrial designers, engineers, writers/journalists, fashion designers, set designers, film producers, branding consultants and other creative types to join our space and our community.

Designed for Work

Imagined and built by the award-winning studio of Dubbeldam Architecture+Design whose offices are one floor above, Lokaal space has been designed with the creative process and independent creative professional in mind. Lokaal is planned to encourage collaboration with generous common areas and meeting points that are social spaces, places of relaxation, and corners to hatch new ideas. Events and programming such as talks, seminars, creative reviews, and social media stimulate internal connections and engage the broader community. Through association and cross-pollination, Lokaal members have increased opportunities to build partnerships, collaborate and share resources that catalyse creativity and innovation.

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Membership Benefits