Work Lokaal. Shop local.

At Lokaal, we believe in keeping it local and sustainable. That’s why we’ll be partnering with an ever growing number of local merchants and service providers to offer special incentives and discounts to keep it local. From great coffee to super discounts on Carshare memberships, you’ll never have to leave the hood! Read how our members can make a difference to the local economy.


Lokaal members earn an extra hour of private meeting room time for every eight beverages purchased at Wallace Espresso.

Lokaal members get reduced member rates at Enterprise CarShare

Join for $10 (instead of $29) and receive a $55 credit

Lokaal members get fit for 23% off regular rates.

+ get a one week free trial


Become a Lokaal Partner

If you would like to provide a special offering to our members, please fill out the form below or simply call us at 416.613.0512.

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