Feed your mind… Lokaal Library

While it’s possible to achieve your goals on your own, its much harder, takes longer and is much less fun. Lokaal is founded on the principal that putting a bunch of smart, determined people together in the same space can deliver fantastic outcomes. When you need to bounce ideas or get insights, you can tap the experience of others. Books are another great resources to tap OPE (Other People’s Experiences), get a dose of inspiration and learn stuff if took others years (or decades) to learn. With that in mind, we are sharing books that we’ve read on our life and business journey that our members are welcome to borrow… our very own Lokaal Library.

Please feel free to borrow a book, kick back on the couch for a mental break, take it to read at home or take it on vacation when your mind is more open and you are more relaxed. However you choose to enjoy the books, we just ask that you return them so that others can do the same. Please sign out any books at THIS LINK and when you return them, be sure to sign them back in using the same link.

Sharing feels good…

Do you have a book that you really got a lot from? Why not share it with the Lokaal community? Bring it in to me, make sure your name is on the inside cover and I will add it to the sign-out list and the library.


Quench your thirst to learn and improve…

Books currently on tap at Lokaal (click on links for book descriptions)

Creating Competitive Advantage | by Jaynie Smith

Do More Great Work | by Michael Bungay-Stanier

The Dorito Effect | by Mark Schatzker

Five Minutes w/ Vito | by David Mattson & Anthony Parinello

Made To Stick | by Chip & Dan Heath

Mavericks at Work | by William Taylor & Polly LaBarre

Purple Cow | by Seth Godin

Yes We Did! | by Rahaf Harfoush