Who’s Lokaal?

Without our amazing community members, we’re just a pretty space. While it is great to work in a bright, beautifully designed space that inspires you, it is our member community that will bring the greatest value to your small business. Each member brings with them a unique set of skills, experience and perspective to share. As our community grows, so will the richness of the experience of “working Lokaal”.



Adele Connolly

Social Media Coordinator | The Social Nation

When Adele’s not juggling coordination of content on various social media platforms for clients, or digging deep into the effectiveness of Facebook ad campaigns, she’s busy writing about trends in real estate, home decor and lifestyle. A self-proclaimed #bookworm she also curates an Instagram account devoted to book reviews. Maybe a picture IS worth a thousand words?

Andrew Fishman

Co-founder / Co-editor | Village Living Magazine

Founder, Laneway Home Building Experts

Andrew can’t sit still. At any given time he is juggling more balls than a Cirque-Du-Soleil troupe post-espresso. A community builder and advocate, Andrew is a strong believer in the power of a local economy.


Matt Hammill

Matt is video game artist and animator who loves working with independent teams to make fun and unique games. Past projects include Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime, Gesundheit!, and Guilded Youth. He’s currently working on a new project with Cellar Door Games (also based in Toronto). Matt loves Emily.

Chris Pieneman

President | Blackpool Nieman Consulting

Chris comes from a long line of the luckiest people on Earth. By day he is a building envelope engineer and by night, a superhero dad to the cutest kid on the planet (no bias). Smart as he is tall, Chris was the very first member at Lokaal back when there was still drywall dust everywhere.


Daniel Robinson

In the hopes that this “Social Media Thing” would catch on, Daniel started to help companies track their brand against their industry in real-time, across every major social network (tracking limited to planet Earth). So far so(cial) good!

Alex Sirota

Founder | New Path Consulting

Alex has a knack for connecting people and ideas. This talent spurred the launch of NewPath Consulting, a tech company that brings several platforms together to help small to medium size businesses succeed.


Emily Tu

Emily is a designer and art director who specializes in the creation of publications, identities, packaging and websites. With over a decade of experience, she has collaborated with a variety of clients in arts & culture, design, education and retail & hospitality, including the Toronto Symphony Orchestra, University of Toronto, and the Inuit Art Foundation. Emily loves Matt.

David Yeager

David is that really smart quiet guy who does complex tech stuff like Database Optimization. He basically makes giant databases run so smooth and fast that when you search for something, that stupid spinning wheel doesn’t even get a change to appear! Siri’s got nothing on David.

Kevin McIntosh

It’s complicated. As Co-Founder of Lokaal, Kevin keeps the lights on (and reminds members to turn them off when they leave) and works to build a great community of entrepreneurs and creative people in the space. Having been self-employed and run multiple business for over 30 years, Lokaal is what he wished he had long ago while growing previous ventures.

Colin Pearce

Founder | Inderly

Inderly is an IT platform that helps your business succeed. That means that we provide almost everything – network hardware, file-sharing, data protection, device monitoring, a friendly help desk – for one consistent monthly price.