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WordPress Toronto Presents: Translate Your Website with Weglot

  • Lokaal 142 Westmount Avenue, 2nd Fl Toronto, ON, M6E 1B2 Canada (map)

Is there a market or audience you can't reach because they don't speak English? Are you required to produce a multilingual website content and cringe when you're told your French or Chinese copy is second rate? Does the idea of having multiple copies of your content make your head swim?

Let face it. For most of us, producing multilingual content is overwhelming, expensive and difficult to maintain.

Weglot may be the answer. Weglot offers a WordPress plugin that features a five minute install and activation. Weglot translates all the text in your site dynamically using commercial cloud-based translation services. Now you can easily manage one or more multilingual websites in more than 100 languages with ease.

In this meetup, you'll hear from learn about a number of translation services, including Google Language Translator, Polylang, WP Translate and WPML as well as a detailed description of Weglot's services ( and WordPress plugin.

We will cover:

- Introduction to Weglot , company and staff

- 5 minute demo: Translate a WordPress site in 5 minutes!

- A comparison of WeGlot vs the WordPress translation landscape

- Q&A

A light dinner and drinks will be served.

NOTE: This is a sponsored WordPress Toronto meetup for by Weglot. The presentation will include a product pitch made by people who have been compensated by Weglot.

This is the first of a series of 3 Meetups in April, May and June sponsored by Weglot.

In the second, we're focusing on the governmental, institutional and academic WordPress users.

Weglot - Automated Translation for Public Sector Websites - May 7, 2019 6:30pm

In the third, we'll provide a hands-on workshop where you can go through the install/activate/configure steps on your own website. You will also experience how to tune the translations to meets your market and audience language requirements.

Weglot Workshop - Try Weglot (not just WordPress!) June 2, 2019 at 1:00pm

In all three, you can take advantage of Weglot's free trial offer.

Sponsored Meetups are new to WordPress Toronto, and we're starting out modestly. WordPress Toronto is not changing our policy of supporting but not endorsing sponsors and their products whether at our Meetups or WordCamps. Contact Alex Sirota or Robin Macrae for information on how to sponsor WordPress Toronto meetups.

Our meeting facility for this event can accommodate 20 people. We ask that attendees be involved with translation services or are considering making their site multilingual. In finalizing the scope of 2nd and 3rd meetups in this series, we will take into account the overall response to this meetup.